Stones And Finishings

  • Marble

    Marble is a metamorphic, crystalline stone, formed by the intrusion of an igneous rock into a limestone mass. It is a porous stone and requires to be sealed with a saturating silicone base. With adequate maintenance using neutral products, marble keeps in great condition. Its use is not recommended for kitchens.

  • Onix

    Onyx belongs to the calcedonia family, a micro crystalline variety of quartz. Onyx may include white, red, blue, green and light or dark brown colors. The variation depends on impurities like iron, aluminum, and nickel. It is frequently used in jewelry because of its colors and its high shine polishing quality.

  • Travertine

    Travertine is a sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate. It is formed by deposits of calcium carbonate left by thermal waters. Travertine has a spongy texture and a great number of different shape and size holes. It is long lasting and performs well in several uses provided it is properly sealed and maintained. Its unique pores can be filled up or left empty depending on the intended use and visual effect.

  • Limestone

    Limestone is a sedimentary rock made up of accumulation of layers of natural rock and skeletal fragments of marine organisms. Limestone is also a porous rock and requires to be sealed with a silicone based sealer. Limestone is long lasting and with the proper installation and maintenance performed very well even in high traffic areas.

  • Granito

    Granite is and igneous rock formed by the crystallization of rock material once melted under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Granite properties of hardness and acid resistance make it the ideal material for different surfaces. Granite is not attacked by the acids present in food and cleaning products, provided it is well sealed with silicon based sealer to avoid stains.

  • Quartz

    It is composed by 94% natural quartz, hence it is very durable. It has a unique antibacterial protection. It makes an excellent kitchen countertop, kitchen and bathroom flooring and various kinds of surface treatments. Quartz also comes in different color hues making it ideal for numerous decoration projects: whether it is a countertop or furniture

  • Coral Stone

    Coral Stone is a natural rustic stone made up by millions of tiny marine fossils. Coral Stone has been used since the Spanish Colonia to build fortresses and other buildings.

  • Polished

    A shiny finishing, highly reflecting. A surface that brings out all the color and character of the stone.

  • Mate

    A soft satin-finish with little or no shine.

  • Versilia

    An acid wash applied over the rock surface to give it an aged finish. Most acid treatments are effective in calcareous stones

  • Old Patina

    A subtle finishing achieved by brushing the surface of a stone with a special abrasive rotating brush.

  • Tomboleado

    A finishing that simulates a rustic or aged texture. Produced by both chemical and mechanical procedures.

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