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Mármoles de Honduras is a Honduran company dedicated to the production and merchandising of natural stones and fine finishes which are present in all construction, remodeling and decoration projects. The company is known as a leader in its field and is internationally recognized for its quality, personalized service, innovation and integral solutions.

MDH has a range of exclusive projects, among which are architectural details made with a high aggregate value such as countertops, specialized flooring, fireplaces, columns, arches, and other projects made to order. The company has a stable market due to its production with modern technologies and the constant training of its personnel.

Currently, Grupo MDH is composed of two important companies: CasaMármol and CASAVITA.

CasaMármol is a company that offers quality products in the area of natural stones. CASAVITA focuses on integral services of technical solutions to construction challenges.

A story carved in stone

The history of Mármoles de Honduras has been precisely carved thanks to its founder’s vision. Like a work of art carved in stone, he defined a leader company both on a national and international level.

The company was founded in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 1970 with a focus on mining, processing and marketing of national marbles to serve the domestic market.
In 1984, under the leadership of Peter Schmid, the company implemented a new strategic plan, it started processing natural stones from around the world and then exported them to Central America and the United States.

With over 41 years of experience, Mármoles de Honduras is a company that has managed to become:
• Leader in the manufacture and distribution of natural stone as well as the marketing of finishes for high level construction.
• Specialists in fine finishes and professional advice.
• A point of reference for major projects, nationally and internationally, primarily in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.

Marmoles de Honduras

For our clients and competitors, we are the top brand in the production and marketing of natural stones and fine finishes of the highest quality.

To be the top company of manufacturers and distributors, at the international level, with profitable growth, that is sustainable and socially responsible. Recognized for excellence, continuous development and innovation, exclusivity, impeccable service and integral solutions in natural stones and fine finishes of the highest quality, creating an excellent working environment and constant development for our employees, their families and the environment of our community.

The MDH success is based on the core values that accompany our partners. The following values are an integral part of the company:

Integrity: This value is achieved when one is consistent with ethical and moral values, being consistent throughout all environments, inside and outside the company

-Honesty: Always be honest, no tricks or delays, avoid gossip and be discreet and take special care in handling financial and material goods.

-Respect: Have respect for ourselves and others through good treatment by building trust and promoting cooperation.

-Responsibility: It is the fulfillment of contracts made and obligations assumed with the customer and the company, acting with professionalism, initiative and passion.

-Vocation of Service: This is achieved by using our abilities and efforts to provide satisfactory care, adopting a permanent collaborative attitude towards others.

    Marmoles de Honduras

Mármoles de Honduras is an industry leader in Honduras, where its headquarters are located. It also shows a strong presence in Central America, Panama, Caribbean, United States and Italy. This is achieved through various distribution channels, either through direct sales to the builder or developer, or through shops like Casamármol in Honduras and Nicaragua.

We are committed to expand our dealer network into key markets of South America, and have direct presence in the United States and Canada.

A Strong Will of Service
Being a leader in the market, Mármoles de Honduras also aspires to be an exemplary organization in its field. The first responsibility we have is with our employees, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve their work environment and personal conditions.

MDH is concerned with the business world through a specific focus on the development and growth of its employees, in this sense, the organization works closely with Fundahrse, with whom we develop constant training so our employees learn to perform their responsibilities efficiently and achieving continuous improvement in the work environment and job performance.

Mármoles de Honduras is a founding partner of United Way Honduras, focusing on the importance of early education as a project. Together with the municipality we support programs such as “Art for All”, which captures the value of supporting Honduran talent. MDH has a close relationship with the Academy of Fine Arts which supports the education of young artists in training.

A Honduran company with export quality

Since our start in 1970, quality has been a constant in Mármoles de Honduras.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with high quality products in a timely fashion. Therefore our company keeps an export strategy for value added products by combining dexterous Honduran labor with high end technology.

Our company has received several awards for this commitment to quality, but without a doubt the most important reward of all is our customer’s satisfaction.




Proud of being a 100% Honduran company

♦ 2009 – Premio otorgado por ANDI (Asociación Nacional de Industriales) “Hecho en Honduras”. Categoría Iniciativa Industrial Joven
♦ 2008 – “Premio de Sánchez a Sánchez a Smith”. Otorgado por CAMACOL
♦ 2008 – “Premio Presidencial al Exportador”. Categoría Mayor Exportación Vía Comercio Electrónico.
♦ 2007 – “Premio Presidencial al Exportador”. Categoría Innovación.

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